Prose or Poetry?

I love this exchange from Molier’s play The Bourgeois Gentleman . Monsieur Jourdain is requesting help from a more educated man, a philosopher, in composing a love letter. The philosopher asks if Jourdain would like the letter to be written in prose or poetry. “I wish it written neither in prose nor verse,” Jourdai replies. Upon learning that all writing is either one or the other the following exchange takes place.

“And when one speaks, what is that?”

“That is prose, Monsier.”

“What! When I say, ‘Nicole, bring me my slippers, and give me my nightcap'; is that prose?

“Yes, Monsieur.”

“Well, well, well! To think that for more than forty years I have been speaking prose, and didn’t know a thing about it. I am very much obliged to you for having taught me this.”