Discussing Persecution With Your Kids

Discussion questions for this presentation are located below the video. This sermon, “A Gospel That Will Get You Arrested: Preparing Our Children to Be Persecuted” (Acts 25:22-26:8), was originally preached by Russell Moore on April 25, 2010, at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.



  • What Biblical text did the speaker exegete?
  • What was the setting/context for the events taking place?
  • What government position did Agrippa and Festus hold?
  • What claims did Paul make for himself?
  • What reason did Paul give for the claims brought against him?
  • How did Paul connect what he was doing with the history of the Hebrew people?
  • How would you describe Paul’s behavior before the authorities?

So What

  • Do Christians today face situations similar to the one in which Paul found himself here?
  • What is the proper course of action for Christians who are unjustly being persecuted? How does a Christian live under the authority of people who are hostile to them and the things they believe?
  • What promise did Jesus make to those who are persecuted for righteousness sake?
  • How do you honor legitimate authority without compromising what you believe to be true?
  • The speaker says that Paul is not defining himself politically, nor defining himself culturally, but defining himself according to the gospel. What did he mean by that?
  • Do you think that Christians today are sometimes distracted by secondary issues?  How can Christians stay focused on the most important thing (the gospel)? What is the gospel?
  • If you were to undergo persecution in your life, do you think that would make you more gospel oriented or less gospel oriented?
  • Do you think God ever uses persecution to bring about positive things?

Now What

  • What are some specific actions you can take in response to this message? How should you pray in light of this message?