Baptist Studies – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

The following books and articles on Baptist and Free Church Studies are some of those appearing on the Comprehensive Reading List for PhD Students at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

General Resources

The Hebrew Old Testament

The Greek New Testament

Cross, F.L., ed. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

Primary Sources

Boyce, James Petigru. Abstract of Systematic Theology. Baltimore: H. M. Wharton, 1887.

Carey, William. An Enquiry Into The Obligations Of Christians To Use Means For The Conversion Of The Heathens (1692). Modern editions available.

Clarke, John. Ill Newes From New-England. Reprint. Baptist Standard Bearer, 2004.

Carroll, B.H. Baptists and Their Doctrines. Edited by Timothy and Denise George. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 1995.

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Dever, Mark, ed.Polity; Biblical Arguments on How to Conduct Church Life (A Collection of Historic Baptist Documents). Washington, D.C.: Center for Church Reform, 2001.

Fuller, Andrew. The Gospel worthy of all acceptation, or, The duty of sinners to believe in Jesus Christ. American Doctrinal Tract Society, 1837. Modern editions available.

Graves, James R. Old Landmarkism: What is it? Second Edition. Reprint. Texarkana, TX: Bogard Press, 1998.

Harper, L. Keith. Send the Light: Lotti
e Moon’s Letters and Other Writings
. Macon: Mercer University Press, 2003.

Helwys, Thomas. A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity. Edited by Richard Groves. Macon: Mercer University Press, 1998.

Henry, Carl F.H. The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism. Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1947.

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Williams, Roger. The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience Discussed. Edited by Richard Groves. Macon: Mercer University Press, 2002.

Secondary Sources

Brackney, William H. A Genetic History Of Baptist Thought: With Special Reference To Baptists In Britain And North America. Macon: Mercer University Press, 2004.

Bush, L. Russ, and Thomas Nettles. Baptists and the Bible. Revised and Expanded. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 1999.

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Norman, Stan. More Than Just a Name: Preserving Our Baptist Identity. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 2001.

Patterson, Paige. Anatomy of a Reformation: The Southern Baptist Convention 1978–2004. Fort Worth: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2004.

Sutton, Jerry. The Baptist Reformation: The Conservative Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 2000.

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